Safety without compromise.
Creating great on screen action is what our business is about. Within that process, our primary concern is safety. Risk in this business is ever present, however risks can be managed. At Big Bang, we pride ourselves in our professional approach to risk management, safety first, thereby creating longevity in our business and enabling us to do more of what we love doing.

Who's looking after the local market in terms of stunts and special effects? Proudly South African/ Local is Lekker‚Äö flies out the window when the dollar, or euro, or pound knocks on the door. Redefining, reinventing our cost structures at Big Bang conforms with our philosophy of nurturing the local industry (by making our services available at lower, locally affordable rates) and luring our erstwhile international benefactors back to our sunny shores.

For a long time, particularly in Cape Town, the industry has primarily comprised of servicing international productions. Emerging international destinations other than SA, the strengthening rand, overpricing and greed, amongst other reasons, have led to a recent decline in our local appeal as a destination. We at Big Bang want that international business back. Redefining our cost structures, not trying to retire off every job, and our innovative approach reflects that philosophy. Excellent service and professionalism doesn't have to be expensive.

Sustainability goes hand in hand with ingenuity. Your dream, your means and we'll do whatever we can to make it real.

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