The Big Bang Stunts & Effects company

The Big Bang Stunts & Effects company was born in the fiery furnace of Cairo, Egypt, early 2003, where its founders, whilst making an Egyptian action feature film, conspired to create a company that safely and cost effectively pushed the boundaries of onscreen action & effects.

Big Bang Stunts and Effects is Antony Stone.

Antony Stone started his career in Los Angeles, America & Toronto, Canada. He brought back with him to South Africa a wealth of experience garnered in the Stunt & Special Effects industry. Antony is a Stunt Coordinator, Special Effects Coordinator, Licensed Pyro-technician and Stunt Performer. He has been creating magic in the film industry for the past twenty-five years.

We save you money by creating unique package deals, being creative, understanding camera and what it needs and collaborating with our many contact overseas to find the best solutions for your job. We don't mark up consumables and wherever possible we import explosives directly from abroad thus avoiding local mark-up.

As a company, Big Bang Stunts and Effects offers a unique blend of experience, expertise and ingenuity. As a result, you get more onscreen value, great professionalism, quality stunts and special effects and we get to do more of what we love doing, making movies!

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